Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here I am still in the dark .

Ya' know, I'm kinda gettin' used to this way of life.

Didn't say I like it, just gettin' used to it.

My eyes are gettin' used to the a mole..
Got my sunglasses handy so when the power comes back on( notice I said " when" ) I'll grab my sunglasses and put 'em on cause "moles" don't like the light.

Also got my antique oil lamp filled with oil, trimmed the wick and ready for the night.

Not gonna be like the "five foolish virgins" and be left behind.

I have the best neighbors beside me and across the street. They are brothers and they cleaned my drive so I could get my car out..

One brother bought a new generator and ran several extension cords from his generator through a small window next door to them and hooked up my computer and one light.. Now , isn't that a special neighbor.. When I get power gonna bake each one a huge pan of lasagna.. They love it.

Doesn't that look gooooood !!!

Makes me hungry and I can't bake ... well, you know I don't have power, YET !!

Been doin' some sewin' in the evenings when I have generator power and I just finished a new super grungy gal named Maggie and she is on my website , so go look her up.. she's for sale, ya know !!

Got two new stump families on there too. They are just the right thing to sit on a shelf or small table in with all your other prim thingys'.

Also gettin' all set for Spring with some bunny baskets.. not quiet there yet, but I'ma workin' on 'em.

well, guess that about wraps it up for today.

Happy Bloggin'

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Nanna said...

ahhhh praise the Lord for good neighbors right? I'm so glad to hear that you have got your power back on, now we can get on with that sewing war yipee!! LOL