Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I know I'm late but... I have an excuse.
Gonna have my Grandkids comin' for the week end.
And I had to go grocery shoppin this morning.
Juliana says the reason she likes to come to Nana's
is for them " good ole southern breakfasts"
and I can't let her down, so
I went shoppin for Southern
comfort foods and what did I wind up makin' this afernoon
Don't know what happened.. but there's a big square outa
one corner of it..musta missed that corner.. LOL Sure
good tho'.

Well, I got one thing i'm workin on and it's
a long, tall primitive doll . She's not finished
yet but I'll give you a preview of her..
ya know how I send pictures before they
get hair and all them necessities... well,
she's no exception... no hair !!

not the greatest picture but got a new camera
and I don't know much about it.. Got three new
digital Photography books
today, so when I get time to sit down and
read and think... maybe I'll know how to use it .

You know I thrive on stressful things, so this one
should really have me " thrivin"..

Since I'm so late with this post,
I'll go for now..

Don't forget to go by Leslie's to check out other
things they are workin on !!

Happy Bloggin'


Nanna said...

now Maurine what you do with that lasagna is go on & cut it up to the top then put the big square into a smaller pan that it'll fit in nice & snug & nobody will be the wiser LOL, that Annie is comign along nicely, I know she'll be cute as can be when you're finished with her

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

Hi there I am Nan and am new to your very lovely blog! I really like your prim doll. Have a great day!

Doreen said...

Hello. This is my first visit your blog.

Have a great time with your grandchildren..the lasagna looks fantastic and your doll is lovely :)

Smiles, Doreen

Karen said...

Evening Maurine....I'm so anxious now to see the tall gal all duded up!

The Lasagna looks awesome and I'd have a corner missing too! My cakes and brownies usually end up looking like that before it's time to serve.