Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~♥ ~ " SHOW 'N TELL " ~♥~

cotton field

ya'  know  what  this  is ?????

Its been a while since I chatted with ya'

so it's time to " show 'n tell " it all.

well, let's see.. where to start.....

I got two good arms now

so I can sew, sew, sew. !!!

Had my daughter, sister, and a guest

here for a week and boy, did they wear me out !!

You ain't never seen such " shoppin' & eatin' gals !!

We went " flea marketin" one day and then

I made a humongus pot of beef stew and

we'd shop a while and come home for a

bowl o' stew...

But we sho' did have us some fun !!!

One of the gals from Michigan had never seen open cotton before and she gathered a bunch and

at the flea market she bought a bunch of half-pint

jars and she made " cotton in a jar" gifts to take

home to friends.


  well, heck!!

Can't find the right picture,

but that's cotton, fer  sho' !!

Hey !1

I'm a makin' a new bonnet  and

I jest' might make an apron or two !!

gotta get on with my sewin'

My website is lookin  raggedy

and old !!


here's  the new ' little  lacey'  ready

fer' the website and she's fer sale, too !!

                   So long fer' now ,


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