Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm tryin' to branch out with some new fabrics and I've been lookin' at some tobacco cloth and wonder where y'all get yours.. care to share ???

And what all do ya' use it for besides covering jar tops 'n  wrappin' wax candles, etc. ??

Ok,, if ya' don't care to share some of your prim needful uses of tobacco cloth, I'd be so appreciative..

I been makin several little doll dresses/bonnets for some customers. Guess I'd better put a few more on website, since they seem to be gettin' popular nikki003

Here's the latest one I made.



Here's a long-legged prim-prairie

gal and she's ready for goin' home with

somebody.. She says she'll either " hang-out' with ya on the wall or she'll jest be happy

to sit on a bench with her long legs

hangin' down  on the floor..

She's on the website so go look her up.

well not too much happenin' down in the

kountry  ~ 'cept a bunch of unwelcome snow... stuff just keeps fallin' .

But it makes fer good sewin' weather..

So until next time... I hope to have a

humongous' bunny to show 'n tell all about..

           HAPPY  BLOGGIN'

             ~ ♥ ~ Maurine ~♥~


Pam said...

Love the dress & bonnet!
That prairie doll is just to cute with her long arms & legs! Have a great night!

Lynn said...

Such a beautiful dress and bonnet! I love your prairie doll, she's real cute!


Willow said...

LOve the bonnet and dress. Bonnets do seem to be big right now. I'm not sure about where to get tobacco cloth. Wish I could help you out. Hope someone comments about it as I'm curious too. Hope your week is going great.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Nanna said...

sweet dress & bonnet, & red's my color! LOL we never get enough snow to know if we love or hate it LOL but cold is cold with or without snow! we'll have to have a good old sewing war again pretty soon!


Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Maurine,
Love the dress and bonnet and the doll-I love all your stuff :)
I only have "tobacco cloth" curtains so I can't help ya much.
I use cheesecloth (stained) to wrap candles and lids and just about anything else ya can think of! I used it for little scarves/bonnets on some of the dolls i made too.
Maybe you are thinkin of cheesecloth? It's sorta resembles tobacco cloth. I don't know if you can buy tobacco cloth fabric or not I've never checked.
How much snow did ya get?
Have a happy day♥

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

I have no idea what the problem is with the emails?
LOL @ myself...ok-now what would ever possess me to think that I knew something about FABRIC?!!!

Me...the one who can't figure out how to change out the bobbin thingy on my machine...I had Pam fill one for me while she was here...so now, I just keep using the same color of thread on everything and pray it doesn't run out!!!....Yes-ME...telling someone who has sewn her entire life and is as talented as you....that ya may be confused about the tobacco cloth...Good grief,
Is cheese cloth even considered 'fabric'? LOL! :)