Thursday, June 3, 2010


I need pictures of this !!

You just had to be there !!


I went down in the country to my sisters to get my haircut..

While there it came a horrible, terrible storm.

Winds were blowing rain that bent the trees almost to ground.

Started hailing and wind raging and Sandy's hubby said "  go to the storm cellar.... go to storm cellar"

which I'm afraid of storm cellars !!!

Afraid there might be a snake in them   ...but as bad as the storm was, I was ready to go... snake or not !!

The wind was blowing rain in a sheet but we headed for the door..

I felt like I was blowing  sideways and was gonna miss the door.. but I made it in..

much smaller inside than it looks from the outside !!

We all got in and sat on a built-in bench...

I had my feet up on the wall in front of me ... just in case a was under the bench... Oh Mercy  !!

We  were all just drenched from running in the rain..

It was just furious outside !1

Finally it slowed down enough Sandy said "I'm going in the house now"

but I was in front of her..

I started to get out and the door wasn't high enough to stand up and get out so I stooped and got my knee on the top step and got hung.. couldn't straighten my leg out... Im

saying'  " PUSH ME, PUSH ME!!!

Sandy was laughing so hard she couldn't push... so I fell out the door in the mud puddle....

finally got on my feet and ran for the house..

We all were just drowned !!

Sandy got towels and  some dry clothes. 

I was in the middle of a haircut when all this occured...

So she finished cutting my hair.

It had sorta quit by then so I say

" I better go home before it starts again.."

Got my baggie of wet clothes and start out the back door and their

"Psycho Turkey"  started to attack me because he don't like baggies.. LOL !!

They have a pet turkey that they raised from a baby and he is

wierd... I mean psycho wierd !!

My brother hit him on the head with a baggie once and he hates bags, now..

I tell you, you just had to be there !!

well, I made it home in one piece...

after all that , I was hungry, so I made me a    tur---y  sandwich... LOL

What a day !!





michelle said...

oh how funny.i think i almost peed my pants reading of your adventure.what a day gonna share this funny story with the family when they come in from playin first it reminded me of the wizard of oz.then when i thought it couldnt get any funnier u had the psyco turkey.boy a pic would have been fantastic but your words fit perfect.have a great night and stay out of the rain lol.god bless michelle

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

ROFL......★Linda ★

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Don't need pictures....I think the visions we have in our own heads is even better! LOL
Glad you are all okay just never know what can blow out of those kind of storms.

Mean ole Turkey...hope he makes it till Thanksgiving!


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Just too funny! I can just
see that happening to me! I
am glad you are ok! Maybe you
better carry a club, next time
you go over there, to show that
turkey who's boss! Thanks for

Bear Hugs~Karen

Nanna said...

I'm still laughing from when you told me this morning , i will probably dream about that turkey chasing you LOL

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Only YOU, Maurine :) What a day! I can just just picture you and that turkey ;)
I'll have to share this funny story with Steve-he'll get a kick outta it! Thanks for the smiles and laughs...

Have a wonderful day!

PS so glad ya didn't see any snakes *wink*

The Crafty Crow said...

How funny, what part would have made the best picture? I kept giggling as I read, I so enjoyed how you told this story. Its all in good fun, we all laugh together..and the psycho turkey is hilarious, made me think of Steel Magnolias in the beauty shop. Glad everyone is ok! My cats hate bags too.

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