Sunday, August 29, 2010


Have ya' ever seen something that you just had to have ..and when ya' got it , was so disappointed ??

Then you know how I felt this past week..

Yep!! Disappointment.... big time !!.

I've been looking for some butter molds with a pineapple design on them... and was browsing through Ebay Primitives and found one and without researching it thoroughly, I bid on it..

well, i waited it out and after raising my bid a couple times, I finally won it...


a pineapple butter mold...

Well in my search , I ran across another one that was smaller and had some painting on the handle... oh I can cover that up .. cause I didn't like the bright flowers on it..

No siree !... no flowers on a prim butter mold ..

well... yeah, you're right.. I bid and it was a small bid and wasn't up for about four days, so I forgot all about bidding and soon in my emails I got this ...

Congratulations from Ebay...

you guessed it ... I won the ugly little floral butter mold....

Well when i received them in the mail later, I quick came home to open the packages...

( which seemed rather small to me  )

but I opened them and ..... wooah !! this can't be all there is to this thing... where's the I go through all the many tons of wrapping paper... and .... no handle..

Disappointment # 1

Ok on to the next even  smaller package..

and to my utter disappointment..  here before my eyes is this.... "eensy-weensy" ugly strawberry covered butter mold..

Oh NO !! Why couldn't it have at least been a pineapple...painted on there !!


well they did have the  pineapple design cut out on bottom... if you had a magnifying glass to look for it with..

The flat one was large enough that you could tell what it was.. Oh JOy !!



Well, I'm still gonna hunt for a

" bigger, better mousetrap" 

If anyone knows where to find a really

nice, inexpensive pineapple

butter mold ..

tell me quick.. before I head back to Ebay

Maurine don't give up... no siree !!

She's still on a search ...

so until next time, here's searchin'


Maurine ♥



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

that's the way that eBay is. Too many surprises really. I've gotten several lemons and you don't ever get satisfaction.

Donna said...

I do not trust anything on Ebay unless I know the seller.I know too many people who have gotten crap on Ebay...and Etsy as well.Sorry you ended up with so much Dissapointment.I will keep my eyes open for you Maurine.

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Oh no! I'm disappointed for ya Maurine!!! whata BUMMER :( So sorry friend-thats just not right!!
I will be on the look out for one...
Have a great week♥

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Maurine this is just so sad!
I've never liked E-bay...SORRY ANYONE WHO's just not for me.