Saturday, October 23, 2010


Been a while since I checked in with some news from down in the Kountry.
Got  a new  black prim doll.
She's  a wide one cause she tells ya' right off that she loves that good ole southern fried chicken.. and she makes no excuse fer her extra middle.
But she does wear a gause
middy-waist band.

We got a couple new kinda
prairie dolls but can't show no pictures yet, cause they are
for a customer.. waitin' for an order of skeleton keys for their necklaces..
Maybe I'll make some extra
ones for the website and selling blog. I know I haven't' added any new things for a while.. Been kinda " sicky"
fer a spell..
Did ya' ever start lookin' for something and wind up cleanin' out your sewing room?
          Whew !! eeee !!
I tell you.. I threw out  so much junk that I didn't even know I had..
I found six, (yes 6) naked babies that I had forgot.. See, when my daughters come for a visit, I have to hide junk so we can use my cutting table to eat off of.. LOL
Well it's my sewing room until my family comes for a visit.. then  " waaa-laaa "
it's a dining room..  you all
got one of them rooms ??
When it's just me... it's my sewing , computer , music room..  .. I call it my
     " HAPPY  PLACE"

Hey !! I just found out something this week.. I can play my DVD"s in my computer... so I can sew and listen and look when I want to. 
I collect Southern Gospel DVD's..
is my favorite Gospel group..
If you've never heard
David Phelps belt out a
good old gospel song... you
ain't lived ...

Man, I can sew and sing and shout if I want to... nobody here but me and the Lord !!

Try it some time.. it's good fer ya'

So long til next time,


Nanna said...

glad to hear you're feeling better & catching up, the new doll is adorable, now about this DVD in the computer hummm are you sure about that ~lol~ I remember when I found out you cold do that with a DVD player~lol~


yes, I am sure about that !!
I can watch and hear a DVD on my computer..This is a feature with my computer..
Don't ever doubt yo momma !!