Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Is it springtime yet?
I think it is..yes, I think it is..
well, I was without my computer
for six ( 6 ) days and  oh  ! how awful that felt..
I honestly didn't know what to do with myself !!
But alas ~
I'm back in the right world now,
since I got it back yesterday afternoon.. YEAH !!
gotta show ya' my latest children..
First, there's" AGGIE"
She's wearing her key around her neck 
and she has waistband of blue check 
she measures 16' tall
you can buy her on my selling blog
 Then she has a sister 

is the same size as her sister.
Her dress is calico and she is wearing
a gauze waistband
and her key hanging around her neck
 They will be for sale on my selling blog..
Now , here's a family picture
Yes,there's Hector and Rufus
with the two sister
and they are all ready for spring !!
They are all ready to go to the Selling Place
So hop on over and check them out.
till next time,


Brenda said...

Love the sisters! Great work!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh how adorable...thanks for sharing.
Glad you got your computer back!


Picket said...

Oh how sweet girl..love the sisters...you could have named them Dot & Helen..but you'd have to 'dye' sis's hair red...you know how she likes her Miss Clariol..speaking of which...their hair looks so real and natural....Maurine...did you use some of your own hair on those dolls! lol Just kidding....I know you are a 'natural' blonde! lol Glad you got your computer back..hope you have a great week sweetie....Picket

Nanna said...

you've been at it again LOL I soooo gotta catch up to you & I will LOL got a confernce this weekend but next week look out sewing room here I come! I hope! LOL