Monday, July 25, 2011


Even  tho  it was a scorching hot week, we certainly enjoyed it with family.
My one daughter drove down from Dowagiac, Michigan on Monday Morning.
Then she and my sister drove to Memphis, Tn. to meet other daughter that flew in from Atlanta, Georgia.
Oh, did we have an enjoyable week together.
We opened up the beauty shop and had haircuts, hair dyeing and then highlighting.
Lots of laughs and picture taking.
Then they went shopping and out  to lunch but I pooped out on them..
One day they shampooed carpet and cleaned kitchen.
Oh, we had the most fun together.
Janette & Debbie
“Net & Deb”
“The love of my life”
Deb made her famous “ Hummingbird  Cake
This was supposed to be a three layer cake
but since I didn’t have any layer pans, it turned out
to be a one layer cake..  yummy !!
[as you can see  on the stove, we had left-over good old southern breakfast ]
On Friday afternoon, Deb’s hubby ( John) and daughter ( Hannah) drove down
to pick up Deb for return to Atlanta.
Hannah brought her pet “ Bunny”
They are from Australia and are nocturnal… sleep during day and stay awake at night.
They are so cute and are great as pets.
                                                                                                                                                      After playing with “ Bunny” all morning
we had a big family dinner at my  sisters .. she’s a fantastic cook..
This is  just the place settings and part of the dinner.
Oh, did we ever have a feast..

                                                                                                                           043  After
that big feast, we went home and ate ice-cold watermelon….yummy !!
Then they all packed up and left for home… both at the same time..
then I lay down on couch and took a long nap !!


basketsnprims said...

Hi, Mo ~ it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I just feel bad for you that your girls are so far away. When we were emailing about the blueberries, I just freeze them, then make jam when needed, desserts, muffins, pancakes, whatever strikes my fancy. Hope you are not feeling lonely for too long.

Nanna said...

so glad the girls got to come for a visit, I know you had a great time as always, we're going to pop up on you one of these days!oh, I'm back on line so let the war resume LOL LOL


Oh how happy I am to see your name on here... I've been lost without chatting with you... lets talk and get this sewing war going again.
Yes the girls and I had a great time.
love ya'

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Maurine...FUN, FUN, FUN...and all three of you sisters look so alike. You can tell you are related.

I enjoyed this post - maybe cuz it had food in it!!!! lol