Friday, July 15, 2011


    I  received my basket from Basketpam and I love it so much.. Here’s how it looked when I got it.pambasket007

and I looked and looked for what I wanted to put in it.. Finally I decided on some of my small dolls..

and now this is what it looks like now..pambasketdolls004

Wow !! what do ya’ think !! If you have never seen Pam’s baskets, you gotta take a look.. She does fantastic work.


I’m gonna make some new dolls … well not next week… cause my two daughters and one granddaughter are coming for a weeks visit..  I can’t wait… haven’t seen them in long time  and ya’ know Mamma’s get lonely for their kids..


Don’t think I’ve told you about getting the sweetest thing from Karen M.  She let me borrow some of her Amish books and she mailed them to me and boy ! have I been readin and enjoying them..

Finished them yesterday and gotta get a bubble envelope and send them home to her with so many thanks.

Probably better put a little “ thank-you” gift in the package. Oh my!! did I ever enjoy reading them.. My favorite reads are Amish books…

Did I tell you that I joined “PRIM-NEST”  and now have four items on and change every two weeks.

So just type in “ prim nest” and scroll till you find “ Kotton Kountry Kreations” and if ya got extra money, ya can buy a couple if ya wanta !!! Maurine will appreciate it lots and lots…


Here’s one of my latest bonnets;;;I love it.blackfloral001

I am making some more in black/tan homespun checks  and some blue ones too !!


well guess that’s about all for tonight..

                                                         Until next time,

                                                           Maurine ♥


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