Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I got this invite to join pinterest and so like a dunce, I tried it.

how many of you have done that ??

I don’t understand the logic of it….

explain that to me, will ya’?


You know I’ll try most anything…. if it makes sense… or not !!

But I think I’ve gone my limit … with pinterest….



her'e’s my latest visitor !!

ain’t he a cutie… so colorful.

He sho’ can get away with the seeds , too !!


oh dear !! here I am at the end of Thanksgiving Day and

cooking for 16 people. 

Don’t laugh… it’s really Olive Oil !!


I think that should be the end, don’t you?


♥♥ Maurine ♥♥


Nanna said...

humm pooped out are we? LOL now now pinterest is easy as can be, lol I'll talk you through it

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Maureen, I knew that was a bottle of olive oil and not booze, you didn't fool me!...lol...I bet you were tired!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

LOL, love the photo! Glad you said it was Olive Oil...lol
I looove PINTEREST...all it is basically is YOUR COLLECTION of things you LOVE.
You make different boards, find pictures and add them.
It's fun.
I got lots of Halloween and Fall ideas from it.

Blessings and Merry Christmas

Angie Berry said...

Hi Maurine! I was looking through the list of followers on my blog and came across your blog so I decided to come over here and meet you. =]

I was addicted to Pinterest for a short time but now I am back to my first love of blogging. Although I got lots and lots of great ideas from Pinterest and have tried many of the recipes. It is a good place to be if you are wanting to kill time. =]

Beautiful birds! You must have had a rough Thanksgiving, lol! Really, that is a cute picture. Sounds like a great time, I always enjoy when our family gets together.

Nice to meet you, my new friend. Looking forward to following your blog.

Have a delightful week~