Saturday, January 14, 2012


well, we got what was promised to us!!

You bet, two days and nights of it !!

But it is soooooooo pretty.


. DSCN0206

my bird feeder and view from my front window..

I’ve found a place to buy  what I call “ gormet” bird seeds.

But they are eating me out of house and home.. so

next time it’s gonna be cracked corn and generic seeds.. LOL


I’m slowly working on my website and making some

new dolls..

So maybe in a few weeks , it will look like a new site.


So check it out..

My sister called this morning and was telling us about

her experience of making candy, so we were hungry for

some divinity and fudge.

Ok we gather up all the ingredients ( run to the store

for white karo syrup).

Drag out the heavy duty mixer and so we get started.

While reading a cookbook and timing the syrup…

Yep !! I think it’s ready.. so I’m beating egg-whites..

and Net’s pouring the syrup .. and then comes the beating..

We beat, and we beat and it’s supposed to lose all the gloss.

then you spoon it onto waxed paper lined on a cookie sheet.


I think it’s supposed to stand at a peak when you get it on the sheet.


well, ours sorta “ squatted” … not a good peak !!


Now I ask you …does that look like divinity  or eggs…?????

So Net gets this bright idea..

ok  lets roll em in our hands and then roll them in shredded pecans….

what do ya’ think ??    awww I dunno’ but we can try it.


Mercy me !!

sooooooooooooo we roll and roll in pecans, between washing our hands ..

To make a horrible long story shorter…


Ok this is a trial and error time…

next time, we will cook longer and beat longer… ok??


Stay tuned for phase two of the divinity story!!

your bloggin’ buddy,

Maurine ♥

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