Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yes, time is running out for getting things ready for the show..

we are working fast as little bunnies

Speakin’ of bunnies.

oh yes, there’s gonna be a few in the show….

Harvey, of course will be the hit of the show..

then there’s another new one… just wait til you see them.

I have to tell you how Janette is progressing.

She is doing sooooooooooo good  and going to more difficult things.

She wants to put “ ric-rac'” on everything… you just gotta

hear her saying…. “ I LOVE  RIC-RAC”


I gotta show one of my masterpieces, too

yes, I’m workin’ hard to keep up with her…LOL



I bought a clothes pin apron down in Granger

at an antique mall…. and

cut me a pattern by it and  waa-laa  !!!

Now if you don’t hang your laundry outside…

then this is the best for decorating your laundry room…

gotta put “old boy” clothespins in it !!


oh we have the neatest barn red stained ladder

for hanging all our beaded t-shirts on

and maybe a few hand-made totes..

We are so-ready !!

So until I show up with more pictures ….

I’ll say g’bye for now

♥Maurine  and Janette♥


Nanna said...

now i know there's gotta be more pictures than that lol! best wishes on the show which will be here before you know it! check out my apron on my raggedys blog!

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like you girls are having too much fun, hehe! Love the clothespin holder, it would make a cute decoration for the laundry room.

Enjoy the show~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'm so glad you are doing a have so many wonderful things to contribute.
What a sweet clothespin apron...adorable.