Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I heard about a super fabric and craft store

close to us in South Bend so we checked it out this

week and oh! My Goodness !!! Did we do damage to our

budget !!

It is called  “ ERICA’S” and they have a website and you

can order from them also..

They have just rooms and rooms of fabric, patterns,all kind of sewing

items.  You just can’t imagine all the things for sewing, so you

better go online and check it out..

I made the neatest lined “ nine-patch” tote with pockets

inside and out.. OH !! love it, love it !!

I haven’t made any pictures yet but will as soon

as Net get’s hers finished.. She is just the

fastest learner at sewing I have ever seen.

I am sooooooo proud of her.

Here is a picture of our first Craft Show in

Eau Claire, Michigan last Saturday.

Sorta dull with sales but well attended.

I only took a few dolls but had a lady

just loved them and ask if she could take a picture

to take to her daughter….”

who just loves this stuff

She had just got out of the hosptial  and wasn’t able to come.




We have another show this Saturday at a Catholic School.

Hope the weather stays nice as it has been lately..

It was 60 degrees yesterday… Great weather for Michigan in March !!




Here is an apron I made last week. I love it !

My Mother is modeling my apron… LOL  LOL!!

well I’ll say good-night for now !

♥ Maurine  ♥


Nanna said...

the booth looks great & aren't you a cutie in that apron! lol!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I hope you have a warm weekend and lots of sales! Love your apron!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Your set up is great - oh I love craft shows! Good luck at the school. Love your apron-your mom looks so happy! That MI wind is whipping around up north-we had 50 yesterday but 30 today. ~*~Lisa

Angie Berry said...

Oh goodness, I checked out Erica's online store! I bet it is a really neat store, would love to check it out in person.

Your mom makes a wonderful model for your apron, love that sweet smile of hers!

Enjoy your weekend~