Thursday, August 2, 2012

somebody’s out stealing my little “ tommy- toes” !

It aint right !! I planted them !

I watched them grow and now… a thief !!


and now !!007


they were gonna taste so good in a salad !!


Net and I went on a road-trip yesterday to indiana.

we got new undies and blouse and t-shirts.

Mike is having his house worked on and we are

starting a “ box” for his house warming with new towels,

dish-towels and kitchen throw rugs.

he is gonna be sooooo proud of his new  house !!


Juliana will be leaving for college Aug.18th at Case Western

MIssy has a job sept. 1st in Georgia..

So the nest will be empty except for one doggie !!


well this is all for now.



Karen said...

Hi Maurine,
Oh those pesky little thieves...hope they had a belly

How fun to be setting up housekeeping - and buying for them is such fun too.


Nanna said...

now who would of got our little ole matters lol! hopefully you ca get ack inot sewing soon, I may be doing a Sept. show, now sure yet