Wednesday, September 26, 2012




I have another blog… ( if you can stand another one )

yep !! I just have so much news that one just won’t do it !!

now what in the world can I tell ya’?



Our  deaf aussie dog ran away yesterday

and went to the neighbors ( two doors down )

When we discovered her missing and went out looking…

well, down the street comes the girl with “Sugar” on a leash.

Fortunately she went to a house that recognized her

and put her on a leash and was bringing her home… WHEWW !!

She’s deaf and can’t hear if you call her..

She does know some hand sign language.

But unfortunately the neighbors don’t know the sign language…

oh well, all is well that ends well !!


When I moved here and got a new  computer internet carrier

I lost all my newsletter listings for Bravenet

so have been trying to add all my yahoo listings but

Bravenet has changed and everything is so different.

Don’t ya’ just love all the changes everywhere..

NO…. I don’t.



well, this is where I live…

down the incline and to the back.

I have a back porch and a swing on it

so I can sit out there and watch the birds and the creek flow.


This is our shoppe and it’s called simply


The right door slides open and that’s the

kitchen area.. lots of primitive stuff and my

dolls are sitting on everything… chairs, buggys, baskets’

you name it !!025

This is an old doll with an old quilt dress.

Made this a few years ago



Just a sampling of Net’s jewlery.

She has several more cases filled.


If you live near Dowagiac, Michigan

stop by “ THE SHOPPE” at

29199 M-62 West

and visit with us..

We’ll leave the light on for ya’ !

til’ next time


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