Tuesday, May 28, 2013



We had the best time ever when my sister visited for a week.

We ate out a couple times.. chinese,

and some other great steak place.

We went to the lake and took pictures and the girls waded in the lake.  we were taking pictures and the kindest man stopped and ask if he could take a pic of the whole family.. How kind !!

Then on Thursday we went to South Bend to Carlsons and bought some summer clothes.. They had great sales and we took advantage of them, too.

I came home with 5 really nice t-shirts and two pair of pants.

It was Mother’s Day week-end and of  course my sister and my daughter bought pants annd shirt for me.  We had a  wonderful time.


Here’’s  a  pic of my little friend,  ground squirrell.

He is so cute but I think he has left me for someone else.  I miss him.

well guess this  is all for now,

‘till then,

Maurine ♥


Karen said...

Hi Maurine...so happy you had a great time. Always love hearing how blog friends share family time.
And shopping - yeahhhhh...new clothes. I don't like SHOPPING for them...but like having NEW THINGS.

Hope to see a picture of where you put your new bedspread!!!


Nanna said...

glad you had a great visit with your sister, sisters are fun aren't they? lol! wehn Heather gets home from China & everything settles down I'm going to get back on that sewing wagon! I miss my sewing room now that I've got it all pretty lol!

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like a wonderful time Maurine! I always enjoy my sister's visit like that too. Glad you had a good Mother's Day with some nice gifts. Cute little squirrel, hope he comes back to visit you. Have a delightful week~