Saturday, December 20, 2008


They say "change is good " but if you are changing internet providers, not good.!!
I made it just fine until I started trying to change my email address..
Oh my aching head !! Ok first I have this simple easy to remember email address to change to... well, it went fair until I tried to change my paypal email address..... I didn't believe this at first.. but it's true !!
Paypal had a customer from Illinois with the same last name as mine and with the same company.. NO IT CAN'T BE TRUE !!
Well, we went around and round over that one.. so I settled with a different one... one that I was sure NO ONE in the world would have one like..
So I sent out alllllllll these emails to different people and companies with this new " fool proof" address.
Nobody answered until Miss Donna figured it out for me.. Bless you Donna. I had to use the email address as was my member I.D.
sssoooooooooo to all who would like to know... my new email address is:
so everbody please send me a sweet , comforting email and if I get it I'll bless you all day long.
My fingers are in a cramped typing shape from being on computer all day yesterday and into the wee hours of the night.. working with this change that is supposed to be GOOD !!

Happy Bloggin'


Karen said...

Okay kiddo, sent you an e-mail...hope it goes through.
Wish you wern't having all thise problems.
MERRY CHRISTMAS MAURING. By the way, your home in the Blog header is beautiful.

Picket said...

Morning girl! It took me to long to remember all my user name & e-mail name s it is so I would hate to change! lol So glad you tried the peach cobbler girl...I hope you liked it! Merry Christmas to you sweetie!