Monday, December 15, 2008


I tried putting a hex on this white stuff that's floating in the air.. and even worse the frozen rain... yuk!!! It just hasn't worked.. The ground is covered..
Should I get out my " long-johns" and run for bread, milk and munchies or just bundle up and hybernate until it's over.. If I can endure many winters in Michigan, surely I can bear this one.. Look on the bright side.. the neighbors can't see my leaves in the yard...

I thought about making a craft today and I did go so far as to print out a new pattern on card stock and cut it out for templates. So maybe I'll get it done by " next year"...

Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping ??? I have.. sent money today.. Also sent a gallon of shelled pecans. for each family.... that should please everyone, don't you think !! I can see it now... fudge, pecan pies, chocolate chip cookies... yummy.!!!
Had an invitatiion to go spend Christmas with family in Atlanta but declined.. Now if it were summer and I could go see a Braves Ballgame, that would be great... Yes , I'm a Braves Fan.. They need all they can get.. but I'm loyal..

well , guess that's about all the nonsense I can think of tonight.. If you don't hear from me for a few days,, you can say "Maurine's snowed in !!"


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Karen said...

Hi Maurine!
I love this post...funny! we are in the throws of the white stuff right now...and it's soooo beautiful.
Hope you have lots of munchies - that's all I ever think of when it snows.