Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, I read in my printer manual where I could print on fabric.. uh-huh !!
but the manual didn't prepare me for the unfolding dilema about to happen.
You see how easy this looks ?? sure it is .... if you're using a wringer washer... not so with a printer !! Now the story goes like this.... I went into my printer and printed off just how to do this simple task of printing on fabric.. you see, I had this pattern that called for a feed sack print on a bag for a doll... ok... I'm reading and ... what the heck is bubble jet set???? well, I don't have any so... I think it'll work with just skipping that little step and go to ironing fabric onto shiney side of freezer paper.. that went well.. trim off all the little strings so it's nice and straight.. ironed real good... WHAT !!! don't use steam...well I can't get all the wrinkles out so I'll just use a teeny bit of steam.. and then I'll blow dry it dry and ... on with the project !!

This looks and feels dry enough .. soooo turn on the printer ..take out all the paper.... be sure you put it in the right way for the print to be on the FABRIC.,Maurine, not the paper. OK got that straight... into the printer... do I dare press copy ?? Sure, you can do this, you know you can.. the manual says it works so here goes...
GRRRRR !! GRRRRRRR !! I don't see the paper coming out.. where can it be ??
OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOO !!! What do I do now???
Cancel print.....Turn it off, Dummy !! Ohhh mercy me !!

I lift the lid... and I see a teeny -weeny corner of muslin peeking from behind the ink cartridges.. maybe , just maybe if I hold my mouth right, it'll come on out.. GRRRRR !! GRRRR !!

Well now you've made a mess.. and it's brand new, too..
so I take the ink cartridges out and turn it off ..I learned that earlier when the cartridges were still in and I stuck my hand in there and WHACK !!! carridge returns and got me good.

So I try it again...without the cartridges.. and Glory Be !! I touched a piece of something... is it white.. or tan??? Quick,, get me the needle nose pliers... hurry before I lose this !!

Oh dear me , don't let me break my new printer..if I get this out, I won't never , never do such a stupid trick as this again.. never !!

So I get a bear grip and pull inch by inch and starts to move slowly.. OH Glory Be !! Its' out !!

Look what a crumpled up mess of freezer paper and muslin !!

My poor red knuckles.. but my printer is fabric-free... let me turn it on and see if it's hurt.... buzzzz buzzzz print .. print !!

Oh ! thank you, printer protector!!

well, maybe if I'd used that " bubble goop" it might have worked..hmmmmm !! Ya ' think???

~~Just another day in the life of an adventurer ~~

Happy Bloggin'



Kath said...

LOL!!! Maurine, You're too funny! :)
I have tried that too and I couldn't get it work either!
I'm so happy your printer is ok!

Maybe someone will stop by with a tip for doin this?

I hope you are having a better day now that your fabric is unstuck! ;)
[lol, that didn't sound right...did it?] :)

Melissa said...

I'm glad you have a fabric free printer again! I see where I get my personality from...I'm doomed! Love you,

Karen said...

I just printed out directions for printing on fabric today...SHOULD I TRY IT???? LOL

Nanna said...

Maurine , what a I to do with you LOL, when in doubt do without! LOL now got tot he store & get some of that printable iron on paper,put it where the paper goes, print it out then you have an iron on transfer at least thats' what the printable paper says! LOL