Monday, March 9, 2009



While living in Michigan, my two daughters and I went shopping at the neatest craft house in Kalamazoo, Mi.

That was my first introduction to the magazine " COUNTRY SAMPLER" and I bought a copy.. OOH MY !!! I was hooked on craft ideas and soon started making bunnies, bears, dolls and from there I have never stopped. I totally devoured that magazine and have it to this day..

That was also when I got my first piece of blue spatterware.

This peice is a large bowl that my daughter, Janette bought for me. Since then I have collected a large collection of blue spatterware.
At that time my kitchen was wallpapered in a light blue with tiny mauve design.. those were the "in" colors .
Since then I have gone to greens and have given lots of my blue spatterware to my daughter who has an antique shoppe in Dowagiac, Michigan.

This is my first post to "BLUE MONDAY" so I hope I get everything right.

Happy Blue Monday
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Smilingsal said...

Great! Now come to:

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Kath said...

Love that bowl, Maurine!!

Hope you had a wonderful day ;)


Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Maurine,

I love spatterware, no matter what color your wallpaper is, spatterware never goes out of style!

I have been to downtown Dowagiac many, many times so I have probably been in your daughter's antique store many times. We live on Diamond Lake in Cassopolis!! Small world!


Mary said...

This is my first Blue Monday too! Love your bowl.

auctiongirlvintage said...

Ah, blue-and-mauve ... and also green-and-peach. Long live the Eighties :o) If we wait a few more years, those colors will be the "new" colors all over again. Heck, my 1986 chocolate brown carpet is back in style and being eagerly sought by the hip and trendy 30-somethings, and the few rooms where we didn't replace it with hardwood are suddenly chic ...

Love your spatterware bowl. Blue and white are my favorite combination, even if I don't get to use them at home as often as I once did.

Happy Blue Monday!

Victoria :o)