Friday, March 27, 2009


Today for " Show-n-Tell" I want to show off my antique Shawnee Dishes. I won't tell you how many years I've had them for that would be "dating" me but I will tell you they are genuine antiques . I don't know how many refrigerators we have gone through with them sitting on top.

Years ago I saw the casserole dish in a store window and fell in love with it and soon after my husband surprised me with it as a "just because" gift.. Oh, how thrilled I was and have treasured it ever since.. As time went by, I found the matching pieces and have added to what you see here.

My daughter had an antique shoppe for years and I have seen these in their antique magazines for a sum of money... but these are not for sale... at any price !!

My husband is deceased now but every time I look at these dishes, I remember the day he gave them to me and it brings back "precious memories" .

He later gave me an apple range set, which is now an antique also. It has the large apple for drippings and a salt and pepper matching set..

At some future "show -n-tell" I will tell about them and their history.

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Karen said...

Hi Maurine - with an 'ine' LOL

Love the dishes and how wonderful what you told us so far...anxious for the full story.


A Hint of Home said...

Oh, I do love your dishes. They are unique and so cute. Thanks for your visit today.

Bryan @ said...

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