Friday, April 3, 2009


I am so happy to be able to post for "SHOW 'N' TELL" today.
My little " pea-brain" can't keep up with the days and I always let it slip by .
I'd like to show my Apple Range Set that my husband bought for me many, many years ago.
It is an antique so that sorta dates me, doesn't it.. oh , that's ok.
Age is only a number,, they tell me !!
Soon after my husband and I were married he surprised me with this gift and I've treasured it for all these many years.. It has graced my refrigerator tops and other places and altho' my husband is deceased now, every time I look at it , it reminds me of the time he gave it to me.
I also have a Shawnee corn set that he gave me and I posted that some weeks ago.

I love this "SHOW 'N TELL" segment and always read them so if I forget the day and don't post, please know that I'm reading your posts .

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Karen said...

Hi Maurine!
I love your Apple set and what a wonderful story behind it and I'm happy that you get a reminder everytime you look at it.
And I remember reading about your corn set as well.
Hugs, Karen

Susan said...

That is a precious Apple set and I know it holds sweet memories.

Julie said...

What a neat set...and what a great ROMANTIC memory...Julie

Mrs. Miles said...

Visiting from Kelli's Show and Tell blog train!


I have the EXACT apple ... but not the other bits... my Mother in Law blessed it to me and I use it to keep our keys in by the back door. I have an apple theme going on in my kitchen now, and it ties in nicely. Oh - PLEASE if you can tell me anything about this I would LOVE it. I know nothing, except its old? I was going to feature mine one day on Show and Tell, haha! My emails if you have any helpful info!


Picket said...

I love that treasure Maurine...I love even more that it holds so many sweet memories for you...have agreat weekend sweetie!

Christine said...

What a wonderful treasure...and I love the story that goes along with it.

Melissa said...

I didnt know Grandpa bought those for you. He always tried to buy thoughtful gifts. I miss him!