Saturday, March 7, 2009


Went to the post office and had this little yellow card in my box that said "You have a package too large for your box"
What can that be? I knew I had an order out for some business cards... but business cards can't be too large for my box.. can they !!!
I take my little yellow card up to the window and she brings me a long package and I see that it's from KATH so I quick go home, grab my scissors and go to work on this package.. I'm impatient when I have a package... tear the paper off and to my amazement .. there is just what I have been wanting..
A beautiful sign that reads"BED & BREAKFAST".
OH !! My mouth drops open and I just stand there with tears in my eyes .. thinking .. is this really for me ???
Then while still in awe, I start snatching things off my kitchen wall to make the special place to display this precious gift from my newfound Blogger friend , KATHY BOSKO
well, I found the perfect spot and hung it . All I could do was stand back in amazement that someone would give me such a perfect gift.. She could not have known that I was looking for a sign to go on my kitchen wall.. but it was the highlight of my day... or should I say many days !!
To my special friend , Kath, I say
and every time I look at it I will be reminded just how special you are..
Blessings to you !!


Karen said...

Wow, how wonderful - you are a very lucky girl!
And the sign is just wonderful.

Kath said...

Awh Maurine, You are just the sweetest, nicest and most thoughtful person! :)
The doll clothes you made for me are just amazing, I am STILL tickled over how my little doll looks, wearing her new prim outfit!! You are a very very talented lady!
I am so happy you like the sign! I loved making it for you. :)

Thanks again, for making the outfit, and thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!


Nanna said...

How sweet, don't you love it when you get "just because" gifts, oh great news` Donna emailed, & the sir is back in the balloon ha!ha! yea we know what we mean dont we girl LOL LOL

basketsnprims said...

I love your sign. I have some of Kath's work. She & Steve do such an awesome job. Love, love, love it.