Thursday, April 23, 2009

♥~♥ My~PRE♥CiO♥uS GreAt♥Gran♥dAuGh♥TeR ♥~♥


I want to show off my special great-granddaughter with her

award for "most improved" swim team member in her class.

She is on a swim team at Louisville, Kentucky, where she is a "Home-Schooled" student by her Mother and also a Home-School Group.

She is a very special to me as she was our first Great Granddaughter and almost a birthday present for me.. but she was stubborn and wanted her "own" birthday so she just wouldn't " show up" in this world until early next morning..

Juliana Gregor is shown in photo with an award for being the most improved swimmer on her Swim Team. She has now graduated to the next class and will be on a larger Swim Team .

I am so very proud of her.. First of all for her dedication to her Lord and Saviour, and then secondly for being a sweet, loving person. She has always been and always will be special to me.

Her Mother , Melissa is a Seminary student at SBTS in Louisville, Kentucky. She is working toward her Masters in Divinity and will be finished in one year ( or less ). I am extremely proud of "Missy" as we call her..She was our first Grand-daughter and immediately our precious one.

So , back to Juliana.. the picture is at the Banquet for the Swim Team this year... She will continue to be on the next Swim Team..

So as all Nana's will ... just had to brag a little.


Karen said...

How very wonderful!
She's just a darling. And congratulations to her and wow, a great-grammie!

Kath said...

Oh Maurine, She is beautiful!! What a wonderful accomplishment! :)
No wonder you are so proud of her...and of her mom!!
You have two wonderful gals there, you are so blessed, and they are so blessed to have YOU :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


This Country Girl said...

Congratulations to your great granddaughter! You know I kind of have a "soft spot" for those homeschooled kids! :) What a great accomplishment!

Love that curly hair too!



Thanks, gals for the sweet comments.. and Tammy, that hair is natural curls.. no perms for that gal.. Isn't she blessed not to have to slave over straight, thin, hair like her Nana.

Melissa said...

I am Juliana's mom and I am blessed to have her as a daughter and "Maurine" as my grandmother! I love them both and am proud of them both. How many people know a grandma who has a blog and a web sit and sews???? Not many!
I love you Nana!
Love Melissa