Friday, August 7, 2009



Yep, I had me a good day at the Downtown Flea Market this week.
I wandered in and no sooner had I got inside the door till I spied
several items my litte "flea-mar
ket eyes" couldn't wait to get
in my hands.. Oh yeah, I get wild when I see somethin'
that I can put my Prim Stamp on.
First of a
ll was this big, narrow shelf and I could
just see it all "primmed " up in black and sanded down
to let a littl
e old white creepin' through.
Then I spied a big 15" cheese box in almost perfect condition.
And for
$4.00 too.


My little feet made a high-dive for it and there was
no need to be so hasty... only one other person besides the manager in the place.!!
But you know how greedy ya get when ya see somthin' ya want.... sooooo bad !!

I've started on my shelf, but I got a "ways" to go yet.
By the way, what does " base coating" consist of ???
Is it a long drawn out affair...cause I'm an impatient crafter
when I see "in my crafty
mind" how I want it to look.

Then there's the big old heavy glass cookie jar that
I've already mostly filled with my button collecting.
I been collecting buttons since
way back in the 80's in MIchigan.
I started just collecting the big mussel shell buttons,
but I soon branched out into the really old antique ones..
Ya'll remember me showin' then to ya some posts back.
Then to show them off properly, I started collecting thewe
round glass jars with the lid on the bottom so the jar
is actually
upside down..
Filled with buttons, they are spectactular !!
My spellcheck says I've misspelled that word...
but heck, I ain't got time for being " politically correct"
with spellin'. got more important things to tend to.

Well, I've been off doing some important things
First off... I got this new Olympu
s Digital Camera yesterday
and altho I've had one before, I still needed to learn some of
the new features of this one..
Got a ways to go there, too.. let me tell ya'.

I'll have to wait a spell to show the shelf..
Started painting and didn't like how it was lookin'
so I quit and backed off to rethink that challenge.

Here's the big old antiqu
e button jar I told ya about.

Guess that's about all for today
but I've enjoyed braggin' bout my flea market find

Don't forget to go by Kellis and check out all
the neat things they are showin'

Til next time,


Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Maurine :)
How ya like your new camera-got it all figured out yet?
I got my cheese box finished today!!
I'm lookin forward to seein what you to with yours...

Have a wonderful weekend.

hugs, Kath

Karen said...

Hi Maurine - I so enjoy your posts...they're filled with fun. You make them jump off the pages you know that!
Love the cheesebox...I'd just put a coat of Briwax on it and leave it natural....really pretty.
But priming it will be good too!
Good luck with the camera. I have a doozy of a camera with lots of settings and I only use the one! lol Guess I'd better get the manual out - but why now - it has been 4 years! lol


Nanna said...

whew! you scared me! thought you'd went button hunting without me LOL LOL can't wait to see what you do with your cheese box, I have one that I have no idea what to do with LOL