Friday, September 18, 2009



I've been workin' on this Cornina Gal for ages, seems like.. but of course, I broke my wrist in the meantime..   but... I finally got her all "dudded -up" and ready fro


She's out in the punkin' patch and happy as a lark.



Ain't she a prim Corina

She'll be on website soon. but if'n ya

jest can't live without her, jest

gimme a holler at

and we'll talk about it.

She'll only cost ya about $30.00

Been  workin' on learnin' about

Photoshop Elements and

it ain't comin' too easy fer this old brain.

But I ain't givin' up..... no siree !!

Workin' on doin' an embedded copyright

sign and my website name.. Got to

the last step and the copyright is

transparent ... but my name isn't..

Musta' skipped somethin'  !!

I'll have another go at it soon as I eat some brain food..  by the way... what is good brain food ???


Here's my latest change in the kitchen corner.. but there's more in the works.

so that'll be another story fer later..

Be sure to go by and see what else is

on Show n' Tell .

Guess that's about it fer today




Nanna said...

oh Maurine ! I love her! I made 4 dress's so far LOL gonna have to switch to bigger annies the little ones are taking too long & I've only 7 days till show time! keep up the good work!

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Oh I love her too! :) I love all your dolls tho!
you do wonderful's the wrist doin? I know you're happy to be back at that sewing!!! Did you do your cheese boxes yet?
Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Maurine.

Glad to see you are at what you love to do....sewing.
And that little gal is adorable.

I have Photoshop and not mastered it at all - I used to use it where I worked but been retired for 9 years now and lost some of the knowledge.


Michelle said...

Just found your blog, and love it! I love prims, and hope to be back soon to read more!