Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Listen up, Friend Bloggers !!

Have I got a gadget to show you'all today !!

You know I've told you'all how I love gadgets, haven't I? I haven't....???

Well that's a whole 'nuther story fer another day..

But fer today, this one is the " top o' th' line" and I'm not kiddin'.

Well, you know I'm addicted to QVC GADGETS, don'tcha?

Girls, i'm way behind in my quest thru' life fer the


and this one may put me in the winners spot.

I'm a tellin' you when I saw this gadget

I nearly broke my finger hittin' the speed dial to QVC.

Already got a broke wrist.... NO, I wasn't speed dialin'. I was dog sittin'...

but that's another story , too

Back to my original story.... now, what wuz' it ?

Oh yeah... Maurine's Gadgets !!!

Well, it's SHOW N' TELL time


Now , ain't this the neatest thing fer cookin' spaghetti ??

See th ' little yellow " thingamajig" on the side,

well that ain't all, there's another one jest like it on th' other side..

well, now jest wait a minute... don't get too hasty, now.

They're fer measurin' yer' spaghetti..

don't thet jest take the cake ????/

If'n yer eatin' by yerself... just do one side..

but if yer intertainin' company... you use both of 'em.

Oh Glory... I can't wait to make meat sauce and spaghetti.

I jest know I'm a gonna be buyin' up my some reserve spaghetti.

Wait til I tell ya all the tasty recipes in th' little cookbook that came with it...

Some are not too southern, tho

but, hey, I'm a southern bologna fryer

from a way-back.

You remember when I told ya' about the big ole black iron skillett thet I

inherited from my Mama's Mama.

and I don't know how many more generations back it was used by my ancestors..

well, I can't use it now,... what with my broken wrist... but it's a waitin' in the skillett cabinet..

well, I know you're a hankerin' fer more, but I'm gonna save the rest fer another day...

Gotta check out my spaghetti stash !!!

happy bloggin'

♥ Maurine ♥


Nanna said...

LOL you're so funny! & yes I remember the skillet story, I printed it out for when we publish our book LOL

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'm giggling at your story! Too funny....
Now is this gadget for cooking the spaghetti as you put boiling water in the container and put the lid on and wait????