Thursday, October 22, 2009


How's things in your neck o' the woods???

It's been  a good day for a boat ride  with all the rain.

I tell you, I've heard  rain, rain, rain on th' roof alllll day.

Would have been a good day for sewin' but had a sinus headache ... so no sewin' today !!

Have any of you had problems with uploading pictures to your blogs?

I've tried three times to get one on...

so this is my fourth  try ....

no luck !!

and they were such cute little snowmen... all side-by-side with their cute little button mouths..

oh well, maybe next time..

so with no " eye-candy" I'll just say bye for today...

prim blessings,



Carol said...

Some our girls have been having trouble loading pics too. Must be blogger glitching. Hope you get to feelin' better soon:) Carol

Willow said...

I had the same problem as well. Pictures just wouldn't load for nothin'early yesterday.Now late last night I tried again and they went with no problems. Cant wait to see your eye candy.
Prim Huggss n Blessin's