Sunday, October 25, 2009



This  is a new bonnet I just made this week.

It is made from  a dark brown calico homespun fabric.

It is sitting on a "bonnet stand" and is lighted by a little pineapple   electric candle. .

♥ I love it. ♥

Next you'll see   a very prim doll  just made this week, too.

lulabelle (2)

   Her name is " Lulabelle"

and she's been grunged and sanded

and  rubbed lightly with

a light Briwax.

See the little "Clarks ONT

100 percent cotton  Thread"

tin.. ( a gift from my Granddaughter and Great-granddaughter )

They know I love anything old and to do with sewing..

Lulabelle's dress  is made from

black/tan  homespun checks.

So you can see I've been chained

to the sewing machine this week..

Gonna  hit it again tomorrow , too !!

Do you know what "frustration" is !!!

Well, I do.... so just ask me..

It's when your " little  grey-cells" are straining themselves to try to

"read and  do"


Well, I ain't never been so frustrated,

I mean downright  stymied..

that's a new word I just wanted to throw in at ya'

in my  definition...

it means 

"RATS !!  RATS !!  RATS !!

( my favorite word for

"if at first you don't succeed,

kick the dang thang and go have a


so long fer t'night....

Maurine  ☺ ‼



Carol said...

Hey Maurine, you sound like my hubby:)LOL. BTW I have a sister named Lulabelle. She looks kinda like your Lulabelle, but not as thin. LOL. Your bonnet looks nice a prim;) Carol

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

LOL-you crack me up! ;)
Ya know I love that bonnet...I LOVE LOVE the bonnet/apron you sent me! Love your new dollies too! I will send you some pics as soon as I get my bonnet and apron in place...I want to hang them on my pantry cupbaord cupboard isn't finished'll be a little bit yet.

Have a GREAT week, Maurine!


Melissa said...

I Juliana and I read your blog this morning and were laughing! I thought we were sitting in the living room with you in your sewing/computer room saying RATS, RATS, RATS! Then a few minutes later you show up pouting and saying I'm gonna have a Pepsi! Wish we were there with you. Love you so much and glad you are back at the sewing machine!!!

Picket said...

Morning girl!!! Love the Maw Smith wore one anytime she went outside! Girl I like that new 'word' you and I'll use any excuse to go have a Pepsi! lol lol

Hope all is well on your side of the mountain and that you have a great weekend....thanks so much for coming by and for all the prayers and support for me and my family...take care sweetie!

OH forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your new header pic!!!!!!