Saturday, November 21, 2009

HO ! HO ! HO !

here comes  Santa  Clause

here comes Santa Clause

Right  down Santa Clause   lane


And he's got Elmer ( not Rudolph )

His little side kick right by his side !!

Santa is not your traditional Santa

no siree !! He's prim and got a new kinda

Raw Flax beard and hair.. .

He's got some sweet annie and a little purple " sumthin"' fer Elmer, in case he

gets hungry on the loooooooong haul.

Oh he's got a big burlap bag but he didn't have it with him when they had the picture shoot !!

But he'll pack it up with all kind of prim stuff come December 24 ... yep, early in the morning .

Well, if'n ua'  want Santa for your home, jest give Mr.s Santa ( Maurine ) a jingle at

She'll be shore to get him to ya' real fast.

        So long fer now ..

          ♥♥ Maurine  ♥♥


Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Love him!!

Picket said...

Morning girl!!!! Santa looks great!!! Hope all is wel on your side of the mountain my friend and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with much love and sweet memories! ~Picket~