Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm  so happy... I have water.

You've  heard the old expression...

" You never miss the water till the well goes dry!!"

Well, here's the modern version...

" You never miss the water till you get a leak in your pipes'.  ( and your plumber drags his feet on fixing it )

But  PTL  they fixed it today..

so I'm back in business again..


Been workin' on my santa... he's just about ready for his debut.  Reindeer needs antlers

so I'll go out in yard tomorrow and find just the right tree branch and make some antlers.

His beard/hair is made out of Flax .  Been waiting for it to come in .  I got it in the mail today so he's got a new hairdo , beard and eyebrows.   Reindeer even has a flax tail....Never worked with flax before but I like it.


Got a new snowman in a glove from Threadbare Primitives  and I think he will be next on the scene. He's a cutie ,as all her patterns are.. If you've never used her patterns before, check 'em out..


Gonna make some new  "Stump Dolls"

and a few " Tucks" for here  'n  there..

Maybe a few more cute lil' birds..They make good tucks , too.



well  that's about it for tonight,, so

             HAPPY  ♥ Bloggin '




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Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Thank goodness the water troubles are behind ya :)

Have a nice weekend!