Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ more pictures ~

I've been workin' on some of my pictures and thought you might like to see a few of them .

Here's  a bunch of "Bench Annies"

ain't they just the cutest sittin' there so-sobenchoannies010

Here is Miss Felicia... barefoot and all


Here is Miss Raeann

She had to go in the dryer fer a bit

and her hair-do got a little out o' whack but she don't care  .she jes' don't care. raeann007.

Guess that'll do it fer now

til next time...♥



Nanna said...

messy hair is good soemtimes LOl great job on all your Annies, I know you'll do great with your magazine dayview! I did my 1st tablescape today LOL


Lynn said...

Maurine, these dolls are absolutely darling!!


denise said...

just too too cute! i love annies!

Kat said...

oh! I love them so much! They`re fantastic. :) Great blog.