Monday, January 18, 2010

~♥~ GOOD NEWS ~♥~

Boy , do I have some "gettin'  ready"  to do.

What a surprise... I have been chosen to be

Crafter of the Month of February



What an honor and i don't think I deserve it~~

but I'm gonna try to do my best for a good write-up.

Butterflies already flittin' in my tummy

and I'm tryin' to get some new things ready for pictures..

Here  a couple


Today, I worked on a new bonnet

just finished it ... so here it is..


This bonnet is made from black/tan checked Homespun fabric. This is one of my favorite pieces of fabric.

Next up will be the matching apron..

so guess that's all the news for tonight

Til'  next time,




Nanna said...

congradulations Maurine! you don't have near the catching up as I do to catch up to you LOL LOL , loving all these new Annies !


Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Oh that's so exciting, Maurine! Congrats--just think of all the orders that you'll get-lots of people belong to and visit APP! ;)
You'll be sewin' up a storm!
I am happy to see you added the dresses to your site too--I LOVE the ones you made for me!
Good Luck with your APP venture...looking forward to seein ya one there!
OH...and...YES....YOU DO Deserve it! ;)