Thursday, January 14, 2010

~~ WOW..i'm havin' a sewin' fit ~~

I finally got a sewin' spell on and boy, I just can't stop....but don't stop me.. hey, I need to replenish my website stock.

Been gettin' some good sized orders and I'm lovin' it..

If there's anything I like better than makin' dolls, it's makin' money... you bet !!

I feel a shoppin' spree comin' on !!!

Been makin' some prim doll dresses for a  good friend

..and decided to put some on my website, so go take a "look-see".

You might just want some to hang in your prim home..

Well I just finished this big black prim mammy and her pet Pea-hen.

I just loved makin' her .


I've got a smaller version in the works.. all she needs is some clothes...

that's the plan for tomorrow afternoon..

Got a doc appt. in the morning and then goin' out to lunch with my sister..

Then of course a trip to Wally's.

By that time, we'll be ready to head back

to our favorite recliners and a pepsi.


So guess that'll do it fer today ~

♥ ~ ♥ Maurine ♥~♥


1 comment:

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well congratulations on selling lots Maruene! Who doesn't want your adorable creations!