Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was out and about today and saw my shadow.. what did it mean ? that the sun was shining ?  Yep, that's what it meant.... course I ain't no groundhog ~~so I'm sayin' it meant warmer weather comin'

Been making some new spring bunnies and stuff.. oh, I just gotta show ya'  my " "Three Spicey Chicks"  ..threespicychicks003

These are the cutest lil' chicks.. they are

~ Ginger ~ Cloves ~ and  Basil ~

They are made from muslin that has been painted and sanded , then gently rubbed with briwax.

They have their names on a coffee stained paper that's tied on with jute.

Now here's the part I think is the cutest.. their little dyed gause bonnets also tied on with jute..  they are keepers



Don't ya' just love these old long

prairie bonnets and aprons.

These are made from black/tan checked homespun fabric and also dark brown calico.

They are proudly hanging in my kitchen.



Mam says I gotta go to skool to learn

how to read and write so she made me

this little " apurn" with my A~B ~ C"s on

it .. but I don't wanna' go to skool.. I pure'

don't wanna go... but I'm all ready with my new dress and  "letters" apurn on... so guess  I'll go '

"iffen  i have to..

Got my lunch in the little lunch sack that Mam made me, too..  I'll go but jest' to make Mam happy... cause I love her..


Well, that's about all fer this time so

          HAPPY  BLOGGIN'


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Nanna said...

glad to see you're getting the sewing fever back LOL but watch out ! I'm coming up fast behind you LOL