Thursday, March 18, 2010


Somebody's gotta help me  !!
I'm just addicted to ordering prim and black doll patterns..
Tell me I have more than enough
and to start sewing and make up some 
of the new ones and QUIT, I MEAN QUIT

 Now that I have reprimanded myself
I can get on with my other business.

 Oh I ordered the sweetest "kat's" pattern.
It's a Mama Kat and her little Kitten..
they are dressed alike and have  big 
bows around feet.. got the faces painted 
today and ready to s tart on dresses/pantaloons.

Then after that , I have one of a smaller primitive doll with old fashioned dress /bonnet.
Can't wait to start on that one..
Her name is 
*Molly's Mending ** Sewing Doll *

So you can see I've got my work cut out for me..
well, not cut out yet...
just laying on the cutting table , all ready
When I get a new pattern I take it to the printer
and print the pieces on cardstock and cut them out for a template.. 
Makes for easier tracing a sewing line..

Guess that's about all fer now
until  next time


Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

I so know what ya mean about patterns. Ive been on a kick lately, between etsy and patternmart I blew through $135 in a week. Hubs will kill me if he finds out!

Nanna said...

well with that great sale of 10 for $20 over at Ruby Moon doesn't help us does it LOL

Carol said...

Oh Maurine, sounds like you'll be busy for a long while:)

Anonymous said...

unfortunately for me - or is it fortunately LOL.. I could buy every prim doll you can make, sounds like just the things I love.. I am sure your dolls will be wonderful!

Tracey said...

Maureen, I'm the last person to tell anyone they have enough of something,lol! I have the same problem with yarn and plants. It's a healthy addiction, I tell ya! When I come home with too much new stuff, I just tell hubby, "If you only knew what I could have bought but didn't, you'd be so proud of me!" That usually works, and it's true!
Enjoy your stichin!