Sunday, March 28, 2010


Where  has  this  year  gone ?

but aren't  we  glad  it's  spring !!

Already had my lawn mowed once

and it sure looks neat..

Been sewing up some new items

for  my  website..


This is  mamma  kat


Littl'un  kit

Their dresses and loons are made from "HEART & SOUL"  FABIC



I had a disaster with my blog header and it's still a mystery to me as to what exactly happened..  just opened my blog one day and ..... header was missning.

I did everything I knew to do... which  ain't much,

I tell ya'   ,,, well anyway it didn't work so I called my friend  Kath  and she sent me  the  url for the

picture and I put it back on...  fortunately, I knew that much...  good as new !!!

Ain't  it great to have an  intelligent  friend !!1


I've got such a talented sister and she loves me so much that she will do most anything I ask her... if I get a little tear comin' outa my eye... so I did...

and you know what she did for me.... oh I just love it..

I had ordered some " Lover's Knot Textile" and she covered my rocker and footstool.

Oh i love it.... just love it..


Now , ain't that a sweet sister  !!!


Ok , gonna show ya' some more of my little cuties....


Here's a whole bunch o' little black

stump dollies..

they are the cutest..

just 8" tall with a tea-dyed muslin

sack dress on.. and tied around with a .little piece  of 

jute !!

how many ya' think ya' want ???

well, that's it fer tonight~~




Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Your dolls are cute and your
chair is awesome, I love the
material you chose for it!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Maurine!
I'm glad ya got your header pic back up! :)
I LOVE your latest creations!! Your one talented lady, my friend!!

Have a very HAPPY and Blessed Easter!