Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while.

Have been very sick, but think I'm on the mend.. not 100% but gettin' there.

My daughter has been here from Michigan but left this afternoon..

Waaaaahhhh !! I'm lonely.. Need some friends to come along beside me to cheer me up..

Who'll be the first... thanks !!




Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love your covered boxes, the
material is just beautiful! I
hate to hear that you have been
sick, but I am so glad you are
on the mend. :)

Bear Hugs~Karen

nancy huggins said...

I'm here to cheer you up..I usually get boared at night and to tird to sew so I just go blogging and see what everyone else is up to.
Come and visit me when you get a chance...Cheer is getting better and that is something to be happy about ...right ?:)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well I am glad to hear that you are on the mend..I hope you had a nice visit with your daughter..I am having a give-a-way and starts tomorrow night so stop by and get your bingo words into me so you have a chance to win...might just brighten up your day..:)

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

I'm glad your daughter was there with ya, Maurine :) I know ya miss her when she happy you're feeling better!
Have a wonderful week :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Maureen I'm so sorry you have not been feeling well...but there's nothing like a loving daughter to help you through those days. Glad she was there for you.
I imagine you miss her very much when she leaves.
Glad to see you back.
Hugs, Karen

basketsnprims said...

Glad you are on the mend. I'm sorry your daughter had to leave but glad she was with you.

Calico Rabbit said...

Hi Maureen,
I am new to your blog, and even tho I am new, I am sending you prayers for a continued recovery.

I love the coverlet textiles you are using, where do you order them from?

I would really love to know.

Prim Blessins'

少菁 said...

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Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Hi Maureen, I am so sorry to hear you haven't been well, I do hope your back to being 100% soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your entry into the Pea Fowl Give Away, Good Luck!

Have a great day,

Kady said...

Sorry you've been sick. Wanted to tell you I love what you do and love your positive attitude too. Thanks for visiting my blog and signing up for my giveaway.