Thursday, May 6, 2010



Here are a few things I've been workin' on

this is just a " smiggin" of all I have in the "not finished" bin

When I get a  " finish all " day you'll really get an "eye candy" look into the what Maurine is up to !!


Another cradle full o' partly finished and I don't even know what they will be when and if .....


  Remember when I was askin' about TOBACCO CLOTH ?

well, I found some and ordered and finally, finally got it ..  but.....

what the heck did I have in mind when I wanted it soooo bad

dunno ??

But one o' these days it'll click in my  creative mind..

and it'll be sooo  prim n' pretty..


Now if you're beginnin ' to think I never finish anything... welllll

jest  take a peek at alll these lovelies !!!

Yep !! and they are all fer sale


Kotton  Kountry  Kreations

( so grab your money bag and go on over and buy a few !!)

well I've gabbed enough fer today

so til next time


~~♥ Maurine ♥ ~~


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wow, what a cute gathering of little dolls...I love them certainly have been busy.
How much yardage of Tobacco Cloth did you buy?


Thanks !!
Actually the Tobacco Cloth is a
panel. I was planning to use it as a curtain for half window but don't know if it's gonna work or not... but if not, you know I can always use it in my crafting..
Thanks again,

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Carol said...

Hi Maurine:) Love your dollies! You've been stitchin the days away.

Nanna said...

lordy now not only to I have to catch up to you on he iste but the blog as well LOL LOL, so far tomarrow is a stay home day so watch out! LOL

Anonymous said...

Subtlety is better than force. ......................................................