Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My, how time flies when you're havin' fun... and we are havin' fun, ain't we?

I've been paintin, hangin' shelves, sewin' valances and just doin' all kinda stuff, and tell ya' the truth... this re-doin' is hard work.. I'm tired of it... just need a " me-day" to rest up.

So that's today !!

Well, my sister Sandy comes up and critiques all my hard work..

and we just don't think alike.

She tells me my shelf is crooked and she would take the quilt rail off and turn it upside down and use it a different way...


Now I know she walks in different moccasins than me,

but hey... I know when a shelf is upside down...

Just kiddin ... we love each other , even if we don't think alike always,,,

so I ain't turnin' my shelf upside down.. no way, no how !!

Got a new textile table runner ordered to hang on the quilt rail...

( it is called a quilt rail, ain't it? ) See , I'm not up on all this but I'm callin' it a rail... )shelf004

Now , you tell me...

Is this shelf crooked.. now look at it closely... well, it might be a "tad" higher on the right end...

Rats, Rats, Rats

well, I ain't changin' it today..  maybe tomorrow my eyes will be straighter..

I know I'm gonna be thinkin' that I need to straighted that shelf... but hey,  I'm " all-in" today and as

Miss Scarlett says..

" I'll think about that tomorrow"

That's it for this time..

Maurine  ♥



Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh you are just to cute!
Your posts are always so enjoyable to read....and your rack is what you said! A quilt rack...ya, that's it!
Now it might just look like it is high on the right because of the hanging thingy on the left...try putting that on the right to keep your eye from following the candle holder/sconce thingy.
It could very well be an optical illusion...just say it is, okay and change the position of the candle thingy...
See if that suits you better.

But either way...looks great Maurine!

Hugs, Karen

Nanna said...

is that a candle on the end? maybe that's what's making it tilt LOL LOL,

Anonymous said...


Teri said...


Do you have a small level you can use? (if not, they are inexpensive and will solve the debate!) That is what I use to level everything...my 'ole eyes are not reliable anymore and it solves a ton of debates! lol I love what you've done so far!