Saturday, July 10, 2010



My sister Sandy, her friend Cherrie and I all left early Friday morning to go to a new flea market that had just opened two weeks before..

We found the place and it was HUGE,  I mean  super-big..!! 

It was in an old Bartons lumber building.. There were rooms and rooms of booths.. We were in " Flea Market" delight..

Well , right away I  find the neatest shelf.

Was looking for a long shelf  that you could hang a textile runner on and this one was perfect.. Actually , it can be used to display plates on and I love it..

Sorry I forgot to take " before" pictures. Already started painting it black.. so I'll show the " after" soon..

Next.  I find another shelf... it has four shelves and pegs on bottom .. It's in the process of being painted black , also..

Can you tell I love black???? well, I do !!


Then  I find  this neat pineapple lamp and I snatched that up really fast.. gonna order a punched tin shade with pineapples on it.   Of course, I have to paint it black first..


Wait, wait... that ain't all....

next I find another lamp... a little spool lamp and it's the cutest little thing... oh, I'm havin' me a good " flea day".


No, not gonna paint it black... just put a little briwax on it to spruce it up a bit.. and of course get a cute little shade for it..

What kind should I look for ... I'll have to ponder that  one a bit... any suggestons !!!!

Then when I think I've got my limit, what do I find but this... and OH  I'm lovin' it.   

An iron candle holder...already black.. can you beat that one..

Gonna put battery  candles in it..


And I even come away with enough

money to buy lunch..

Such  a day, I ain't had in a long


well, I guess that about wraps it up for this time..

I'll be showin' some "after" pictures soon when I get the shelves all painted and hung... and decorated up with some prim stuff..

So  watch for the next chapter in the



                         ♥ Maurine ♥


Twin Creek Primitives said...

Wow! All that AND lunch?! You lucky girl! -LOL- Awesome finds.... love the little spool lamp! I bet a checkered shade would go great with that! Have a great Sunday!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Maurine...I'd say you had just the BEST SHOPPING DAY EVER...these are great finds.
Loving the Pineapple lamp...wanna sell it! lol

Have a great one.

Anonymous said...

Subtlety is better than force. ............................................................