Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♥ ~ ROOSTER ~ FIX ♥~

I know you're wonderin' what the heck this is all about ...

well, i'll tell ya'

It's all about my latest

" boo-boo"

Went for my eye exam and it turned our fair... just a "smidgin" change in my eyes so that was great..

With my eyes dialeted and not seein' that great,

we went across the street to

" Cracker Barrel"  for lunch..

I sorta guessed at the menu and come up with a good choice..

So after lunch, we headed out to Hobby Lobby and since I couldn't see that great yet, I spied this " gotta-have"

red wooden roosted..

"oh, Maurine..

you just gotta have

that wooden rooster !!!

Well, when I focused in on the price... he was $40.00 and there were lots of things at 30% off...

I said to the little rooster..

" now why aren't you 30% off..??"

Well, there was an employee workin' on the next isle and she heard my plea... and she says

" we have a coupon in our sales flyer for 40% off on any one item at regular price.. "

Well, I'm just thrilled to hear that and she say's I'll get one for ya'..

So I grabbed that " gotta have" rooster and put him snuggly in my buggy...

After a few more purchases

( well at Hobby Lobby my purchases are not " a few")

but on to the checkout and pay, my sister picks up all the bags... and as we get to the door..

I reached for some of the bags from her hands to mine .... and then to the floor !!


oh no !! not my rooster....

oh yeah, my rooster...

I opened the bag and

waaaahhhh !!

my rooster has his little red feet broke off..

I'm  just  in tears...

really , real tears..

So my " crafty" sister says..

" now Maurine, don't cry... I think I can fix him"

It's a clean break.. if there is such a thing....

so I stop cryin' and sniffin'' and

she  takes " broken legged" red rooster and kept him over night and brought him home the next day with a

" smooth fix" on his little legs..

well, here he is with just a

" teeny-weeny"  fix line..






Hey ! I can live with that..

Oops !!

Forgot to move the lamp "thingy "

behind him.. oh well,

don'tcha just love him !!!

so for now, I'll leave ya' with

the latest sad story

in the

♥ th' sister saga ♥

about the " limping red rooster"


Maurine  & Sandy


Katherine said...

I love your rooster! Perfect color, and your sis did a great job on the repair.I haven't been to HL in a while since my hubby put me on a spending freeze, but I might have to sneak out to have a look at these.
Have a great day!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Yay for your sister! She fixed Mr. Rooster right up and he looks fabulous! I love HL too, but the nearest one to me is over an hour's drive away so I don't get there as often as I should.


Hey Donna:
Thanks for t he comment..
the nearest HL to me is also 50 miles
but I make it as often as I can.. fortunately my optomitrist (spelling ) is in that same city so I always make it to HL.

I joined your blog as a follower..
Love your blog..

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Ahhh Maureen I am so sorry that your gorgeous red rooster got broke, I hate it when that happens, but you know what, from the picture you would never know. Your sister was true to her word and fixed him up well for you.

Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and sales blog and for all your truly lovely kind words, I really do appreciate it. Wishing you luck for the Peg Rail Gathering Draw this weekend.

Have a great week,