Wednesday, June 8, 2011



yawn ~yawn

yeah it’s Day 3 of the sewing war between Miss Helen and Maurine.

This was a fun thing we started several year ago… we kept it up for a few years and finally dropped it by the wayside.

so last week we were on Instant Messenger just chattin’ and I said” what can we get ourselves into now?” and at the same time we both typed …. “ A  sewing war” and we laughed and it started all over again.We would do that often when we would type the same thing at the same time….and we’d say

“ great minds think alike”  .. oh we’ve had some good times together.

Would you believe we met on internet when she ordered some dolls from me for her shoppe.

Before I shipped them to her, we had chatted on the phone..  and one thing led to another until she began to tell me that they were gonna drop in us unexpectedly for a visit.

I began to wrack my brain as to how I could get out of that.. LOL

At one time I told her they couldn’t come cause my doctor had quaranteened me and I was house-bound and could have no visitors..LOL

Do you think she believed me… NO !!

And eventually I said “ok you can come after my daughters visit and go  home.”. so she began to plan this..and one day they drove up in my driveway.. they drove past the house very slow looking toward the house… about the third trip past, I told my husband… this is too weird, someone is looking for us.. so I bravely go out on the driveway and waited until they come by  and I said”  Oh my gosh !! it’s Helen and Terry and sure enough it was ‘’… come bearing gifts!!LOL

But we had the greatest time, My husband and Terry hit it off like brothers so that left Helen and me to head to the craft room to look at dolls, patterns, soon we were printing off things for her..

Next morning bright and early we had a good old southern breakfast,

( the works… you bet… bacon,eggs, gravy , hot biscuits, jelly, butter, and lots of hot coffee.)

Then we hit the road for flea markets, antique stores, and when we began to get kinda tired, we headed for”GUY’S”  a family  restaurant for another  big feast.. 

Then we hit some more flea markets  and later headed home but on the way we stopped into

PIZZA  HUT” and came out with two big pizzas .

But I gotta tell this one… the very first antique place we stopped in, just as Helen went through the door, she let out a scream…… “ OH, I  GOTTA  HAVE THAT RED COOKIE JAR”

and grabbed that jar and hugged it to her breast…. she had the clerk hold it for her as we did some browsing….” NOW , DON’T SELL THAT TO ANYONE ELSE” she warned that clerk…

oh it was a fun day…

So that’s the true story of how we met.  Still friends after several years.. They came to  my husbands funeral and we hugged and cried together..

We feel like family now.

well Day 3 was not all that productive but I did finish my doll but she’s hanging upside down on a clothes hanger drying after her grunging..

Tomorrow…. well, who knows !!

       Until  then



Nanna said...

aww such sweet memories, especialy when we went to eat & I ask the girl for sweet tea & she said you must be from the South,we don'thave sweet tea here ~lol~come to find out she was from Ala too lolnow don't going getting all sentimental just so's I'll stop sewing~lol~ keep that foot petal hot! ~lol~

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I am fairly new here and enjoying learning about your dear friendship even though you are at "war". LOL! Good luck to both of you and thanks for the inspiration ~*~Lisa