Sunday, October 23, 2011


“Boxes, boxes, boxes !!
Will it ever end ??
It’s beginning to look “ homey” with my prim things on the walls.
I’ll send pictures some time soon.  Well, I was using my handy “ slicer-dicer” slicin tomatoes yesterday and sliced the end of my middle finger.. and that’s my sewing finger, too… OH DEAR !!

I need to hear from some of you “Michiganders”.
Remember I lived her 40 years some time ago.. Haven’t met any of my old friends yet.. been too busy getting my place in shape.. it’s getting’ there !!
Hey! here’s my tv and bathtub surround around or whatever you call the thing.. LOL
oh my gosh !!
This is  part of my computer corner desk that Net and I swore over while putting it together.. one of the workers were supposed to put it together , but after one afternoon, it made him sick and he was off work two days.. we had it put together when he came back.. and boy did we give him a hard time.. LOL074
Here’s Net in the drawer of the desk..LOL
Don’t buy one like this one !!
Here’s  the workers contemplating… or something !!079
Here’s Matt under the desk.. LOL  I love it !!
Me on the little veggie wagon and tractor.. havin ‘ fun !!
ready to move!
Billy ( my brother )
Sandy( my sister ) and
Me with my  gift from the bank  for selling my house..
yep,  a bill cap…LOL

More later!!


Nanna said...

now when she gives you a hard time you can say " don't make me put you in that drawer!" LOL looks like you're just about ready for that next sewing war LOL

Creation College Planning Services said...

Love seeing drive the little tractor!