Saturday, October 29, 2011



Yeah! I know I’ve moved back to Michigan… but I ain’t ready for the blizzards  .. like in the 80’s and 90’s.

Gimme’ a little fall .. and I don’t mean “ snow-fall “.

Hey, I’m havin’ such fun… put my  dolls in the “ SHOPPE” . My daughter gave me a big corner of her shoppe and it’s gonna be “ THE PRIMITIVE CORNER” . Gonna have a sign over them and they are just lovin’ it… smiles all over their “prim faces’002

I haven’t told you about all the fun Net and I are havin’.  We ran upon the biggest best barn sale a week or so ago. I really made a haul. Bought a little green round iron table and two chairs.. they are out on my little back porch with the porch swing.

We had lunch out there one day. so warm and such  pretty leaves on all the trees round the creek.. Even got me a “Woodie Woodchuck” going cross my back yard.. How cute is that !! No, I didn’t get his picture, yet… but just you wait!!

I’ll catch the little rascal yet.

Gotta start sewin’ … if and when I can find my sewing machine. Got a place all set up for it… if I ever get all the boxes unpacked… got my fabric packed away in an antique dresser bottom… so full I can hardly close the drawers..  and I haven’t even been to Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s Fabric yet..

Sold 13 totes of fabric before  I left Missouri. LOL  Got much more that I need to sell so I can go buy some new!! LOL !!

Hey I need to hear from some of you gals.. I’m way behind in the prim news since I had my computer down for several weeks,, but never fear!! It’s goin’ strong now..

Well gotta go for now but there’s more to come !!

       Til’ next time….

         ♥Maurine ♥



Nanna said...

snow already, oh my goodness! so glad you're having blast with Net! better find that sewing machine, it's time for war! LOL

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Mo ~ no snow up our way yet. I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home and Mi. I can't believe you sold 13 totes full of fabric and still have some, wow! your new table & chairs sound perfect for your little deck. You and your daughter sound like the perfect pair. Happy Halloween!