Tuesday, November 8, 2011


        Is everyone else getting lots of rain?

we’ve had it for several days, but can’t complain.

At least, no snow yet.. but hey! I’m getting’ ready.

Got me some fur-lined boots ordered and

yesterday Net and I went to South Bend and I

bought two pair of pants and some trouser socks.

So I’m ready !!


Haven’t been out to the Shoppe in a few days

but after Thanksgiving.. ( if we’re able ) we are

gonna stay open till Christmas.

We are having 17 people together for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Been long time since I’ve cooked a big Thanksgiving Dinner.

So  I’m  excited.

I bought some  bird feed last week and Net bought me a

large bird feeder and Jer is gonna put it up on a post

tomorrow.   I’ve had a few birds coming to this small one

since putting out the seeds

I’ll post some pictures when he gets it up.


Seems as if I’m out of touch with blogging

since I’ve moved to Michigan.

But I will soon, just wait and see !!


I finally unearthed my sewing machine. Oh yeah!

While in South Bend, we went to Hobby Lobby and

right across the highway is a “Joann’s Fabric”

but Net refused to take me over there.. The look

on her face told me “ You have tooooo much fabric and

you can’t go into Joann’s till you sew up some on hand” (sniff, sniff )

So what can I make that takes up a lot of fabric.

Oh, I know… I need a new LIBRARY TOTE since I left

all my totes in Missouri.


Got my last “ Secret Sister” gift ready to mail so

feelin’ good about that .




Remember when I said I’d have these made in a snap !!

Obviously, a snap is a heap o’ long time cause here’s what I have done.




Now that is embarrassing , so I’m gonna

go for now.. Maybe I’ll stitch up another one.

I did say maybe , didn’t I?


Until next time,

Maurine ♥


Lee Hill Primitives said...

Maurine, You need to verify if someone stole your email. I received a strange message from your email today, telling me that you was in a awful trip in London and someone stole everything from your purse including your passport,your money, credit cards and traveler checks and you need help. In the message you are saying that you send this message because you are crying so much and hopelesss and asking for help. I didn't reply the message because if you are in the middle of a moving how you can be in LOndon taking vacations?. I think that the message was send with a purpose of asking for money in a some way probably. Check it.

Nanna said...

there's been a lot of email hackers lately so watch what you open, glad you're finally able to get that machine out!it's time for war! lol

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Mo ~ I'm glad you got some winter boots, you'll be needing them, though you won't get the snow we get up north. I'm glad to hear you got the old sewing machine out. We feed the birds all winter, I love to watch them.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Maurine...so nice to see you posting again!
And yes, we have rain coming down as I type this. Rained yesterday too. And my Sinus's and headaches tell me it's raining!!!
Well you are certainly geared up for Michigan winters...lol.
Oh come on now...who doesn't let someone go into JoAnn's....that's just 'fabric cruelty'...lol

I love watching birds feeding. We use to have feeders but they were too close to the porch and it made such a huge mess we removed them.

P.S. I GOT ONE OF THOSE E-MAILS TOO BUT DELETED IT...I knew you didn't send it.


•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Hello friend! :)
I've soooo missed ya! Been trying to stay on touch with via FB!
It's good to see ya on here, and know that you're all settled in, in MI now!
I think of so much!!

•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

oops...Sorry 'bout all those typo's...you get the gist tho?!
Steve says HI too ;)