Sunday, October 30, 2011


Welcome friends

Howdy friends!!

This has been a dark, dreary day today.. So I stayed in and read most of the day.. Had a bad night last night with not much sleep , so just took it easy and relaxed.

What has everybody there been up to today?

Is it getting   colder there?

Looks like snow here but I’m hopin’ not yet..

I’ve lost some of my dolls and Santas.. Where could they be?  A few boxes in the furnace room but think they are mostly pictures..  oh well, they will surface some day.  If not, I can always make more ( If I can find my sewing machine )

MOvin’ is for the young and restless… not for the aged..

Is everyone getting ready for Christmas?  I’m not in the mood yet.. hey , we haven’t had Thanksgiving.

We are having a Family

Get-together at Thanksgiving this year..

There will be Deb , John, Josh and Hannah and their two animals ( Sugar Gliders ). Melissa and Juliana and their two dogs,  Michael and Harper and Lainie and Net, Jer and Me.

We may have to use my house and theirs  and we may have a few “ Baptists Palletts “ and blow-up beds and sleeping bags.   but we’ll have fun and take lots of pictures.

well guess this is all for tonight.. 

So until next time,

Maurine ♥


Nanna said...

ohh I can't wait for Thanksgiving for you, this has been a long time comign of fun fun fun for you! I know it'll be an awsome time! we had a cold snap but you know Ala weather, it don't last long lol, find that sewing machine girl! this is war! lol

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Maurine...I don't know what it is with moving but something always gets can that be...boxes get put in the moving truck, then they come out...where do they go???
Hope you find them before don't need to work that hard to replace them.

Fall is moving way too fast for me...Christmas is just around the corner and I'm not wanting it so soon...

Enjoy dear lady and please take it easy!


Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Maurine, I do hope you find your dollies. Yes, it'll be so nice to have Thanksgiving. I hope you're all rested up now. Take care :-)