Friday, January 20, 2012


We had been planning a road-trip to Indiana/South Bend/Granger/points farther East


well this morning someone came into my bedroom as my eyes first opened and

said in this excited voice… “ Are you ready for our trip?”

Barely awake but ready to go… I say “ SURE !!”


She says” it’s a pretty  day, sun shining  and not snowing “

So I hop out of bed, plug the coffee pot, take a quick shower and get dressed.

After putting one “day old” biscuit  in micro-wave  and smear on some butter and grab

a cup of coffee….I plugged my curling iron and make myself beautiful…

and here we go…

“Yes, it’s a beautiful day for hitting the Thrift Shops & Goodwill Stores “

Net says we’ll head for the farthrest one first and work our way back

( as the weather holds out )

So we did… off to Granger, Indiana and a huge Goodwill Store

Oh did we hit the jackpot !!

I bought two piece cannister set from Pfaltzgraff


another piece of bakewarebakingdish

and ooh !! I almost forgot the most important thing !!

I got an almost new brown leather hobo purse !!

Oh was I excited !!

Net got some coke glasses for her son who saves them.

also a glass lamp globe and a neat baking dish with apples on it..

well , we headed back towards South Bend and it had begun to snow tiny flakes… oh no !!

well we were getting hungry and decided to stop and eat…

Where ??

Oh , there’s a Chili’s…. good enough !!

Oh did we get a feast… their proportions are … enough …to say the least !!

Then we stopped at another Goodwill and bought a few odds and ends !!

Beginning to snow more …. so home we go..

Got home, fed my birds, put away my stash for the day…

Happy as two “ road-trippers” could be..


So we later planned another trip, another day !!

so I’ll fill you in on that later…



Maurine ♥


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi this is the good ole excited Maurine I remember....thought we lost you there! lol

Looove your new treasures and isn't it fun to do what you two did...and I'm so glad you are planning another one. Now you must not be too far into Michigan to be traveling down to Indiana.


Nanna said...

what a great road trip! I could use one of those myself lol

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like a great time!! My MIL collects the Pfaltzgraff pattern in your first picture. She bought herself the whole set one year and it just sets in her cabinet, never gets to see the light of day. So sad actually because it's a beautiful print! You picked up some great goodies! I always enjoy my thrifting/antiquing trips with friends, so much fun.