Sunday, January 29, 2012


we’re supposed to reach 51 degrees on Tuesday this week !!!

I know winters not over yet, but so far, so  great !!

just a little snow today but house it dripping so can’t be too cold !!


We may have to have another “ROAD TRIP” soon.


We had lasagna for dinner today… sooo good !!

I even have some for lunch tomorrow..



I’m having a terrible time with “HARVEY HARVEST”my harvest bunny’

He looked great before painting time… OH DEAR !! What a mess!!

First his eyes looked awful… made him some eye-lids…

Puffy cheeks too dark… nose  much too dark !!

What to do ??? What to do?

Painted him darker brown… nah!! not good, not good at all !!

Painted his arms and legs too dark, too…

Oh well… it’s either go lighter ALLL OVER … OR..

take head, arms and legs off and make totally new ones.

Now let’s not get too hasty there, Maurine..

Let him set overnight … and then check him out tomorrow …

O.K. that’s what I’m gonna do…

sooooooooo  no pictures yet… too ugly !

If all else fails…. start afresh !!

Still got the pattern and lots more osnaburg… so  tomorrow’s another day !!

More later…

Maurine ♥


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh you make me giggle...I love that!
I'm so happy to see the Maurine spirit flare

I'm sure your new creation is are just too close to her - if she's going to be for sale i'm sure someone will take a liking too her 'unique features'....wish you would do before and after pictures so we can see the transformation....

Oh I haven't had Lasagna for thing my husband doesn't care for (well, nothing really with a pasta in it).

Our winter here is about the same...been wonderful really.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hey...sorry I called Harvey a 'she'...goodness, maybe he looks like a 'she' by the way you are describing it!!!! lol